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Private Label Speed Dial by
Earn $$$ on ALL International Calls!!!
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Key Benefits

Using a custom labeled version of our PIN-Less Global Speed Dial service, you will be able to offer your customers a high quality International calling product that will generate high commissions for you with no investment!

Private Label Speed Dial offers:
High Comissions on all international calls
No Investment or set-up fees, concentrate on selling!
Easy Customer Retention with unique customer friendly features!
eCommerce Site allows your customer to sign up/recharge/add features!
Same Day Set-up so you can begin earning commissions right away.

More Choices and Exciting Featuers

  1. Our Private Label Speed Dial service gives your customers high quality, low cost phone access to over 200 countries.
  2. Based on ANI (Caller ID), all your customer will have to do is call an access number, and then dial the number he wishes to call.
  3. As a convenience, our service also allows each customer to have up to 100 speed dial numbers. And, since our sysem will recognize multiple ANIs, a customer can use the service from his cell phone, home and other locations - adding to your revenue stream!
  4. Additional features such as SmartDial and Callback are also included!

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Or call us at 516-393-2150 and ask about our
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